Number One Milk Green Tea
Number One Milk Green Tea

Number One Milk Green Tea

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Original Thai Tea Mix from Thailand. This Number One Brand Thai Tea mix is used for making delicious Thai Iced Tea also known as "Cha Yen" since 1945. It is also a popular bubble (boba) tea flavor. There is a recipe on the back for making individual servings but some find it more convenient to make large batches at a time. Here are the basic steps for making a large amount of Thai Tea: 1. Boil about 16 cups of water in large pot 2. Add 1 cup tea mix & stir occasionally 3. Add 1 cup of sugar & stir, steep for 20 minutes to ensure strong flavor 4. Strain out the tea or pour out tea liquid into jug (the tea mix sediment should have fallen to the bottom of the pot so if you pour carefully you may not need a strainer) 5. Put jug into fridge until you have that craving for Thai Iced Tea Preparation: Fill a glass with lots of ice, pour in Thai Tea, add a couple of tea spoons of evaporated milk (or half&half) to the top and you are ready to enjoy Thai Iced Tea!! There are variations to the recipe so feel free to adjust and experiment. FYI: Traditionally, condensed milk is also used but the recipe above is simple, quick and very good! This Number One Brand Thai Tea is a premium product used all over Thailand and very hard to find in North America. Please note: It is also known as Hand Brand, Thumb Brand, Red Label & Red Bag by the local Thai people. Buy your own Original Thai Ice Tea today and start enjoying the best of Thailand in your own home!
  • Thai Milk Green Tea
  • Product of Thailand
  • Size : 200 g.

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